COVID Fighter Mobile App

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Guys, I have build a COVID Fighter Mobile app to track all COVID19 related resources.

The App can be accessed here:

In this app, anyone can retrieve as well as add new data. So if you come across any new resource data, please enter it here.

Also, there is a lot of bulk data to be dumped in the backend sheet. If some people from our community can spare a few hours, I can give you access to the sheet and the source from where data has to be dumped. Just copy paste from one google sheet to another….

It would be a great help in increasing the utility of this app and helping those in need.

Please DM me your email id (gmail) if you are interested in helping, all I ask is just a few hours…

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If you are not going to monetize this app, then I can help (if I am able to do your work easily, cause due to whm I have only laptop, no external keyboard/mouse…. Pm me your number and I will ping you on whatsapp


Absolutely no monetisation mate….this is a side project for me
Even the builders details don’t appear anywhere in the app
I want it to be a community driven project

The aim being that after we give the initial push (dump up data in the sheets), people will keep updating the sheets instead of putting details here or there