Covid test - which one and any offers?


good morning friends.

I need to do Covid test. Which one should I go for (saw many different varieties) and are there any offers?

There is nothing called RTPCT in Pharmeasy app !

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おはよう ございます🌄🌻
The one in which they violate the back of your nostrils and throat might be better.
But none of the testing methods are 100% failsafe or idiot proof.
As in, a lot depends on who and how takes the samples(be it blood samples or swabs) and who/how they process it.
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Better to go through the nasal and throat pain on a single day.
Give more than one sample to two separate labs..
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Nothing can match the discounts if you know some good employee woeking within the lab.
Rack rates for nasal/throat swab test might be in ₹550-700 range.‏‏

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Just for you? (One person)

Or for others around you/ in your family too?

If all were exposed to similar risks or might have reasons to feel they are asymptomatic, then ALL could get tested.

Even if it isn’t covered by government or insurance to do so.

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😳  kiya hua sir  covid test le rahe ho aur offers bhi chaiye 

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Thank you friends for your valuable support 😕

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