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Cred vs CheQ vs HDFC Billpay

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So far only I've only used cred for cc bills payment, which is instantly settled, some cc takes upto few hours.

Getting cred Cashback jackpot (spins) for 12 times per month. ( Rs 12000 max)

Please advise on below queries,

1. Tried cheq - 

paid only 101 by HDFC platinum DC - didn't get any 1% reward points.

Are we supposed to get 1% cb on platinum DC on cheq?

2. Want to try HDFC billpay by HDFC platinum DC, but confused.

Do we need to make only full payment or part payment can be made?

Payment settlement time?, Can we pay on the due date.

3. Any other reliable alternatives sites  where we can get Cashback on cc payment.

Added after posting-

4. Any cb on mobikwik or paytm?

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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U can msg me for referal link

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I have 1000 cheq chips. Still I am getting error message while redeeming Bigbasket voucher. The error message tells to “try again later”.  

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Hi, Can someone share some screenshots (w/o the personal details) to show what kind of credit card statement analysis does Cred & Cheq show in their apps?? 

Critic Critic
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What is there to know? Cred(& likely cheq too) use password already given to read entire statement pdf & then extract total due & min due amt figures along with due date.
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Commentator Commentator
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Paid my ICICI credit card bill on 21-03-2033, still not settled, almost 60 hours passed.

Any idea, when it will be settled?

Should I complain? If so, How?

Edit :- Sorry, I forgot to mention that bill was paid through HDFC Billpay.

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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Generally it takes few minutes
But as some people looting cheq using debit cards as credit card bill payment and taking refund as well as redeeming chips to get free gv
They are undergoing some maintaining to fix those bugs

It might be the reason for such delay
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Deal Baba Deal Baba
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@Seinfeld @guest_999 Does HDFC issue Platinum DC RuPay or VISA or both?

Critic Critic
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By default it is always visa & also 1% cb on billpay offer not available on rupay variant.
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