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Hi Guys,

I have some cc will list below mostly i am interested in LTF only or which can me made LTF using some methods. Need your help in which cc should i close as they are not beneficial etc and which should i add also need help with limit increase in some cc.

So here are the cc that I own--

1) Amazon Pay cc- 4.2l

2) Coral Rupay cc- 4.4l 

3) Axis neo and myzone cc- 1.01l

4) Hdfc millenia cc- 50k        need LE

5) Hdfc paytm cc- 1.17l         need LE

6) IndusInd Legend cc- 50k     this is latest got last month only

7) BOB Prime fd based cc- 12k (started my journey with this card)  what should i do with this dont use it anymore

Also Applied for tata neu plus lets see if its ltf or not should i close if its not ltf? ,it has shared limit with my hdfc paytm cc 

i have my salary account with hdfc other banks i dont have any savings ac only cc 

dont know why not getting LE.

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Hdfc gives only 1 cobranded card to a person

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I got HDFC tata neu plus

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please give your opinion

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Try to get the New Axis Cashback Card and get rid of the other two.If Neo is rupay, keep it

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Axis cashback is not LTf correct?.

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