Credit card payment using HDFC milennia card

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I have HDFC platinum and milennia debit cards but was not using them for CC payment. Would have gained at least 10K over last 2,3 years. Anyway started using them from this month.

1. Paid Axis bank cc using platinum card. 1% points are deposited within 2 days but axis cc still doesn't reflect payment. Is it expected? How long does it take generally.

2. Paid a small amount of ccbill (IDFC) using milennia card on paytm. Here the credit card statement updated within 2 hours but points are not posted yet. How long does it take? Does HDFC take all 90 days to post points?

3. I did not use paytm wallet to pay. HDFC statement shows transaction as POS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Paytm CCBILLPAYM. Should I expect 1% or 2.5% points?

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