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Hi Croma, I have got an Whirlpool Washing machine in Chennai Anna Nagar branch in 2021 and its under Croma extended warranty.
I have been raising the request for service for this washing machine for the past 20 days. It has been a very poor response from the Anna Nagar branch support team. I need to call daily and they will say they will call back and no response.
After all this today i tried calling Whirlpool customer care directly and they told me that there no ticket raised for this service which is surprising.I have been calling Croma daily and they keep telling ticket raised.
Whirlpool raised the ticket today morning and today after the technician came and serviced the machine. But he says that the Croma extended is not valid since i raised the ticket myself.
I really don;t understand why we customer need to buy Croma extended warranty when Whirlpool does not adhere to that even though i showed him the invoice copy of Croma.
Please explain why you are selling Croma extended warranty for customers which product owner does not respect that.
Is Croma chennai Anna Nagar branch just cheating customers and selling extended warranty.

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