CROMA KHARGHAR leaves you feeling CHEATED

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Feel CHEATED. ALL 3 CROMA products turned out DEFECTIVE and the management COULDN’T-CARE-LESS. #Croma 1.5 ton AC showed error within a few months and stopped working within 3 years.

Worse, the staff behaviour is suspect : They won’t share names or be willing to put on record what they verbally communicate.The reason is obvious). Also, most were found unprofessional.

A customer service desk man was found plain rude while a manager called David was RUDER.
One Mr. Y Patel tests your patience with his inconsistencies : apologies one moment and blundering the next.
Someone called Sagar Bilare actually tried to justify all 3 Croma products turning out defective by implying that with electronics its always a gamble! (Someone needs to let him know that ALL THREE Croma products turning out defective cannot be a coincidence!)

If you do not wish to feel cheated or have a nightmarish buying experience, keep away from CROMA. (Please feel free to contact for details, emails etc that are telling of the experiences shared here over multiple instances, over time)

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I too got cheated. Every word of yours is what all I too faced personally. Nobody should ever step into Croma store.

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