DCB Bank Credit Card Eligibility

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DCB Bank, one of the popular banks in India, offers a wide range of credit products to its customers. With competitive interest rates on loans and credit cards, DCB Bank is a name to reckon in the credit market.

The customers can enjoy numerous benefits on tailor-made DCB Bank

credit cards based on different needs.

For everyone, the needs are plenty, and it could differ for each of us depending on the lifestyle. Clearly understanding the customer’s spending habits, DCB Bank offers varied credit cards in the following categories.

1. Shopping Card

2. Cashback Card

3. Rewards Card

4. Travel Card

5. Life Time Free Card

6. Business Card

7. Lifestyle Card

8. Entertainment Card

From the above listed credit cards, you can choose the one that suits your priorities and spending behaviour. You can save a huge amount through offers and rewards provided in each category.

Interest Free Credit Period on DCB Bank Credit Card

DCB Bank cardholder can get interest free credit period of up to 48 days, however, it is subject to change according the scheme and card. You won’t get an interest free period if the previous month’s balance is not cleared in full on or before due date. Similarly, interest free period is not applicable for withdrawing cash from ATM.

Fees and Charges on DCB Bank Credit Card
Annual Membership Fee: The cardholder will have to pay annual membership fee for primary and add-on cards as set by the bank. The charges may vary for different cards depending on the schemes. Annual fees will not be refunded to the cardmember at the time of closure of the credit card.

Cash Advance Fees: The cardholder can use the credit card to withdraw money from ATMs in India and abroad any time. For each transaction, a fee of 3.0% of amount withdrawn will be charged and it will be added in the next monthly bill. ATM transactions do not get interest free period unlike other purchases.

Late Payment Charges: Late payment charges are applicable if minimum amount due is not paid on or before the due date. Following are the late payment charges applicable

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Even on Official DCB portal there are no credit cards listed apart from a secured against fd one, can you share source for the above?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Me to listening first time about DCB bank credit cards , I am having secured cc only that they give against FD.