Delayed delivery of medicines, take toll on my ...

Delayed delivery of medicines, take toll on my parents health

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First of all, I am very disappointed with the services given by 1mg. They do not understand someone’s health problems and the necessity of medicines to an ill person. They could not deliver few medicines to my address on time. I ordered medicines on 25th Jan 2019, they gave an estimated date of delivery from 28th to 30th Jan 2019. But on 31st Jan, I received an SMS that my order has been rescheduled on 31st to 2nd Feb 2019. Altogether 9 days they are taking to deliver some medicines from the date of ordering. These medicines are for my Parents who are high blood pressure and heart patients. As I am out of station, I ordered medicines before 5days of the stock to get finished. Today on 31st, there are no more medicines left with my parents. My parents can’t go to shop as they have severe health problems. I called customer care for their help from 30th Jan onwards, but they could not give me any timeline for the delivery. They kept on saying that they can’t give any commitment to the delivery and also said I have to accept or tolerate the delay as there is some online problem. They said it is an exceptional case, so they can’t give any timeline. They can’t help me with the delayed service which is unacceptable when it is related to medicines which can hamper your health. I recommend all not to order medicines from 1mg which can put your health at risk.

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Which city? Take some dimers help to get medicines delivered from physical shop, say for 10 days.