Delhi High Court restrains NIC Natural Ice Cream from using trademark of Natural Ice Cream


The Court also restrained NIC from using the domain names ‘,’ ‘’ or any other domain name, email address or handle containing the mark NATURAL as a part.

They cannot use ‘NATURAL’ or ‘NATURALS’ as metatags or purchasing the same as keywords under Google’s Adwords programme, it was ordered.

‘Natural’ ice-cream is an Indian brand started in 1984 and now has over 140 franchises in 42 cities across the country.

It approached the Court arguing that ‘NIC Natural Ice Creams’ started by a partner of one of its franchises was using the marks deceptively similar to Natural.

The Court was told that the defendants dishonestly registered marks incorporating the ‘NATURAL’ mark, which is an essential part of the plaintiff's trademark. It was stated that the defendants were aware that NIC was commonly used as an acronym for the Natural ice cream business.

The mark also uses an identical shade of green colour as used by the plaintiffs which enhances the similarity and incorporates the word ‘NATURAL ICE CREAMS’ underneath the mark, the Court was told.

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Hope that the law and law enforcement agencies also make it CRIMINALLY illegal to use verbiage like 'Indian', 'Bhartiya', 'desh ka'.🥺

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Every Tom, Vimal, Harry brand abuses this.

Everyone from Mastarcard to Vimal to Durex to Patanjali to Dassault Aviation to Tata Salt to Oppo Vivo presents itself as 'desh ka' credit card, 'desk ka' cancer, 'desh ka' contraceptive, 'desh ka' paridhan, 'desh ka' Rafael (Nadal), 'desh ka' namak, 'desh ka' mobile!

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‏‏Dafaq!😠 Who gave them that honour?😤 Themselves giving the tag.

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Ohh good, am already vicitim of this brand cheating, purchased few things from swiggy after seeing flat 129 deal, swiggy showed NIC natural icecreams and even the flat 129 offer was there

but a friend later confimed that NIC not naturals ice cream said taste of Natural Ice..brand is very very good

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"nature ice cream" then 😀

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