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today a person came to my house n said u hv dhani freedom card dues amounting 10k n he show me a list with unknown number but name n address was correct n he said that we have ur ids to confirm that u hv taken this card  .i hv never used dhani then how it is possible n what should i do now ??

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Go to twitter raise one complaint .

Don’t Worry you are not only one Even Dhani has issued 2000 Loan to Sunny Leone also 

You should complaint on twitter as well as share details of recovering agent and tell them to stop this immediately else you are going to raise formal cyber complaint 

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Alot of places from where your Aadhar + PAN can get leaked, and that is mostly enough for Dhani to issue loans (they somehow bypass selfie and other secondary requirements)

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lots of people are getting texts with some card number ending with random numbers and dhani is asking to pay around 4k in those text messages.

I knew it since the beginning that there are lots of bugs in their app. People are just worrying but not complaining to rbi. Do it and it will not only help you, it will help all the villagers too who don’t know what to do when something like this happens.

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any one know how to complain rbi or cyber crime

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Novizio wrote:

any one know how to complain rbi or cyber crime

Google it. Very simple process. 

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complained at twitter mail n rbi cms..now lets c what hppn

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Next time someone like this turns up on your doorstep, request to see their ID ( not employee card ). take a photo of it and file a complaint at the police station. 

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