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Digital Gold -> JAR APP Review and this needs Credit Score????

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Hello Dimers,

I recently came across this new age digital gold saving app called "Jar: Save Money in Digital Gold" 

while on sign up it is asking me to FORCEFULLY ENABLE OR ELSE NO ACCOUNT ON SIGN UP PAGE with a check box saying the following

"Allow Jar to access my credit report from RBI approved companies to give me the best loan offers, I agree to T&C"

without enabling the above check box i can't able to sign up, so I want to know if this Jar app is worth all this credit report hassle ? or its really useless?

Please comment whoever is using this app, that will help to decide

Hoping for some interesting response:) 

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Just took a look at it on play store. After seeing deplorable play store reviews, i recommend not using the app anyway

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mhm:) got ya;)
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