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Google Password Manager is not working Properly 

All my saved password vanished from Auto suggestions list but still available in Google Password Manager Website

When I try to export the same through the below method 


Getting the below Error in Chrome browser


Can anyone check and verify ?

Is there anyone Aware of the issue or any known Solutions to export or Import the Passwords From Google account by using Google Password Manager ?

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I would recommend avoiding the Google password manager.

Instead switch over to bitwarden password manager.  It is free and gets audited Every now and then for security.

It also has a mobile app. 

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@TruthSeeker Thanks for the Recommendation ! 
I have started using Bitwarden & that feels really Good 

But all my Passwords are already stored in Google & wanted to export So this Questions still remains which seems like more of a Bug from Google !

Any Idea on the above issues ?


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Try on a different device with fresh login.

No issue in exporting

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