Dineout Pay Balance expiring. Any ideas on how to use it?

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Hello Dimers!
I have over ₹4500 as Dineout Pay Balance that’s expiring on 31st Dec. I loaded it last year.

In COVID-19 times dining out is still off the table. Also, every Dineout Pay restaurant in Mumbai that I call up says they do not accept Dineout Pay for now, probably due to a cash crunch.

Up until a month or two ago I could see the option to buy Domino’s vouchers and that was my plan if Dineout did not extend the validity. However, even that option seems to be gone now.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to use the Dineout Pay balance in such a case?

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Just an update for anyone who stumbles upon this discussion. So after I DM’ed Dineout on Twitter they called me and asked me to contact them a week before the expiry. They will then extend it by 90 days. They will repeat the extension if I don’t use it in the next 90 days but I must ask them in the week before expiry.