Direct Investment options ( Other thank Bank FD's & Equities)

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Hello Dimers, I created this thread to fellow dimers aware of other Investment Options other than Know Bank FD’s, Equities & MF’s. Most of them are not secured – no capital guarantee.

1. Bharat Pe’s 12% Interest Account – Though this seems to be best but it has its own risks. I have been parking some money for the past 1.5 years, I am getting regular interest. There are no Minimum amount conditions and no withdrawal conditions.

2. TradeCred – This is another online platform for investments that has min investment amount above 2 lacks and a duration min 30 days. usual returns 10-12% varies with the vendors. I have been analyzing for 3 months and have yet to invest any.

3. GoldenPi – It will sell corporate bonds for well know companies. usual investments start above 3 Lacks and duration above 2 years. returns from 8-12%. It has credit ratings to know the risk factor. Good for Long term investments. I am yet to invest.

4. Cred Mint – 9% returns with any time investment-withdrawal. No duration constraints.

I would like fellow dimers to list out any other investment platforms, so it will be helping for someone.

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All platforms & their gains are lucrative but too risky.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Wint Wealth is also good for Covered or Secured Bonds. However, there is risk involved. However, seems less risky than Cred Mint or Bharat pe 12% as there is security cover of assets provided

Hunk Hunk
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gol gappa thela, chai stall

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