Discomfort on Morning Star Bus Service

Deal Newbie

The distance between seat to seat in the recilining position is too short. The seat infront of you is almost falling on your knees and the body giving nill space to move your legs incapacitating the movement of the body. I had to request the driver to enable me to sit on the steps where passengers board the bus. The driver did not allow me take the seat which is foldabale which is next to the driver (Releiver). Pathetic experience. The Drivers did not know the boarding point of Pralavi Garden, Opposite Karachi Bakery, Chintalakunta city bus Stop at Hyderabad and bus was late by more than one hour to the boarding point. An alert has been received at 12.20 AM saying the bus just has left at Kothapet Market where as the actual time at my boarding point is 11.30 PM.

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