Poll: is bharatPe Card swipe machine totally worth ?
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discusssion - is BharatPe card swipe machine really worth ?

Deal Subedar

I do not see anything cheating with this machine….
is it good to get it ? coz many in reviews and in dd advising not to get !!!!

[are they illeterate (coz for accepting 1500 rs via credit card, 2% 30rs will be charged by pos machines, these guys giving freely)
or are they supporters from other devices in market]

0% MDR rates
0 monthly charges
no mobile pos, it is standalone pos
only refundable security deposit of 7500rs
and money will be credited in account after 15 days from transaction date. (which i am too fine)

But if u return the machine, they will/willnot refund depost &
they will charge u monthly charges so far u used, at 100 rs/month.

so never return their machines, u will not get the monthly charges, keep on using the machine.
- dont know what if machine goes fault !?

off course, they may change terms any day…

Please do suggest….

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Why would they not return deposit? In that case its not deposit but selling price of machine. smile