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I ordered food for my guests and children at home from Swiggy, the order was delayed for 2 hours. All the people were starving at home but still the swiggy team could not reply to us. Once the food arrived home it was all soggy and very bad, no one could eat it and we had to throw it out. After that I talked to customer service representatives. They were so annoying that they couldn't understand my problem and still they don't accept their mistake.
I never thought the customer service people of this HUGE company "SWIGGY" could be so rough and heartless.
If this continues I feel swiggy should stop working as there's no point in disappointing their valuable customer.
From now on I'll order food from one of their best competitors as they have heart and they understand the problem.

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Best of luck 🤞

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I Got Angry On Zomato , So To Disappoint Them I Am Using Swiggy...

Haha Servers Don't Have Emotions, Humans Know Ur Details Unless U Raised Complaint. Till Then No One Will Care For You, No One Will Stop You.

Since The Problem Is From Their Side, If Possible Escalate The Issue To Next Level

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