Disposable Paper Phone: Is The Paper Phone Real?

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Did you know that in 1999, a brand actually managed to make a paper phone? A company named Dieceland Technologies manufactured a paper phone that would literally let users call anyone. Those paper phones came with a time limit of 60 minutes and a price tag of $10 back in 1999. It was the world's first disposable phone, made completely from paper and users were allowed to throw that phone away after using it.

To be precise, the disposable phone was made with the idea of people getting angry during phone calls and throwing their expensive phones, resulting in huge losses. So the brand decided to make a paper phone that users could actually use and throw when they were done with it.

Disposable Paper Phone from 1999

Do you like the idea of a paper phone? Is it worth the money or just some random tech that should end for good? Let's have a discussion on the same.

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