Do u have DDPI activated in your demat? Is it safe?

Deal Cadet

It basically allows you to skip the TPIN on sale everytime, making standing instructions easier to execute and makes manual orders fast.

It also allows your broker to use ur holding without your consent, altho SEBI says we always get a debit/credit sms for our demat so any misuse is easily detected by users.


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Benevolent Benevolent
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+1. even i am getting lot of calls to enable the DDPI from the broker wonder whats their benefit in this.
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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i already mentioned the benefit in my post.

my broker didnt call, i saw the option in settings

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Tech Guru Tech Guru
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It is safe and extremely useful in volatile conditions

Cool Cool
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If your money is stolen from your account and then you got SMS, maybe everyone got such SMS after amount debit or credit from account, so this SMS is not the guaranteed that you will receive that money again. And if due to some good fortune you got that money back by the time aapke dimag ki dahi ho jayegi (आपके दिमाग के दही हो जाएगी).

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