Do we get reward points if we pay rent via tata neu credit card?


Do we get any kind of  reward points if we pay rent via tata neu credit card? 

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No HDFC card now gives RP/CB on rent, moreover, from 2nd. rent payment transaction, charges are levied...

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What about wallet load?

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Baba ye sub kaam jawaan logon kay liye rehne do smile

TN: Baba, leave such task to young ppl

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Best way to get instant cash without any charges is via BharatPe Merchant QR

Scan BharatPe QR (BHIM / Paytm) > Pay using any RUPAY CC

Earn Rewards + Instant Cash to A/c

Always try with test transactions of small amount first.

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It always gives me “risk threshold exceeded” error after scanning bharatpe code from bhim. 

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Starting 1st May, MDR Charges on Transactions above ₹2000

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My tata neu coins restricted to use or earn in my main tata neu card account.... What shall I do? Anyone can suggest? Anyway to unlock the restriction

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How did it get blocked in the first place?

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