DO YOU REALLY NEED PlayStation 5 ???

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Hey Friends,
It is has been long time since I posted my latest deal.
Here is some breath taking truths about ps5 performance..
Want PS5 for those outstanding graphics with ray tracing?
Then wait for Rtx 3060 laptops ,they are 1.3 times powerful than PS5..Game developers will push similar performance(ray tracing,graphics) on PCs later this year.
RTX 3060 graphics powered laptops starts at 999 USD (Official information provided by Nvidia in yesterday reveal)which is similar to RTX 2060/GTX 1660Ti powered laptop pricing.
Dont worry if u have not purchased PS5 which is not cheaper though costs you 50000 and more powerful laptop would be available from 85000 that too from 26th January…may be in late Feb or March in india.
Buy PS5 only if u want to play exclusives..Do not buy for performance thinking similarly performed PC costs more than lakh.
More over you get 1080p or 1440p 144hz screen too on laptop.

Nvidia Announcement about performace.

Thanks Friends.