Echo dot 3rd generation value for money ?
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Do you think echo dot 3rd generation is worth by quality ?


I bought it previously . Thinking of returning this . I tried this type of things as of now . Is any features I missed ?
1. Play music
2. Audible , Kindle
3. Some basic info which is available in Google and some basic math etc
4. Set alarm things not able to understand till now .
Any other things .
I am thinking now this device is worth when I can ask for playing music or news with no phone in hand and I don’t have to type 😂 just by saying.
Not worth seems as all the things I can do by own and echo 3rd generation has no enbuilt charger every time have to connect electricity if electricity it is not worth .
Which I can try more suggestions please .
Bought it at 1469.
Any other major or minor benefits ?

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You can check below Youtube video to turn your android phone to hand free alexa.

In Rs.1400-Rs.1500 its worth buy if you have smart gadgets, like smart bulb etc.

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If you have an existing old smartphone which you don’t use, but works, you can easily use it as a google_nest/alexa_echo; there’s tons of videos related to same;

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How did u buy it for 1469

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Echo Dot was the first Amazon device and a device with Alexa enabled that I ever purchased. I prefer the Echo Dot 3rd Generations over the 4th generation due to its form factor (size). The newer one is quite big in size and is shaped like a ball. Takes up a lot of space and is not that attractive too. The 3rd generation one is quite compact in size.

Initially, I thought it’s only a wireless music speaker with voice controls but as I used it more, it turned out to be a much better digital assistant than Siri. I used to interact with Siri before.

  • I use it daily to hear the local news, get weather updates, play nursery rhymes for my kids, play quiz games, convert units like the dollar to rupees, inches to feet, pounds to grams, play jokes, play music etc.
  • However, when I bought the fire stick, WiFi-enabled bulb, and started using echo for controlling other devices, I was amazed and surprised by the true capabilities of this device and all the other devices smartly integrating with each other. I have a Samsung LED TV (not smart TV) and using the Amazon Fire Stick and Echo Dot, not only can I control the fire stick device but also the TV too!
  • I can turn the TV on or off after setting a timer, change volume, play pause videos and even skip ADs on the youtube app playing on firestick just by voice control.
  • One more thing I love about the echo and Alexa is that it supports Hindi too. So now we can interact with it in both English and Hindi interchangeably.
  • The echo device also lets me call another echo device directly for a free, quick, and unlimited call.
  • In the same way, one can use the echo to call a phone which has the Alexa app installed too. So my kid sometimes calls me directly on my phone without having an actual phone in hand when they wish to talk with me and I am away from home.

Of course, the strongest negative point against the device is that you need a continuous supply of electricity and WiFi to make it work.

I strongly feel it’s a gadget worth having for entertainment and utility purpose and is worth the value.

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@ 1469 its worth. If not interested in using it, then return. Alexa is slow and has a lot to learn. My echo sometimes answers as “device not responding” when I ask it to turn on light but when I ask it to change color, it will turn on and then changes color. Silly Alexa. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes. One thing I observed is : sometimes “Alexa” will trigger my echo, my mobile, and laptop at a time but once any device starts analyzing my voice, the remaining 2 will go mute. This is not the case with Google assistant.

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U can go with Lenovo smart display, 9k for 2 in sale days tata cliq

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Dekh bhai itna socha nhi kitna tmne type kiya

Prime Day Sale 2019 mein aya loot price to purchase kr liya
Price aise quality aur features sahi hai
Aur bich bich mein Alexa offers bhi ate haiti vasool hogya mera wo bhi paisa

T- use if u need

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If anyone needs I can help in ordering at disocut

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Tjs15 wrote:

How did u buy it for 1469

If you nned echodot in discount, I can help