Do you want full refund of TDS ... beware ..

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People want full refund or refund of half the amount of TDS paid many times. ... pls dont fall behind that.

Risk part of claiming extra amount as refund --- Will have to pay twice or more than twice the amount of tax you are paying now.

Pls check below pics.




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Yes and still people will claim fake deduction and it dept can't even catch 1% of this evasion so removing old regime all together as a solution joy

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Department can easily get hold of it .

Eg. all Insurance products gets reported to CAS CDSL or NIR. 
HRA gets reported by companies as part of form 16/26AS itself

but it not worth it... too much efforts to get few thousands so it is only done randomly 

main problem is with business deductions .. which gets audited by CA..
It anyways does not impact by Old vs New Regime  
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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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But end user like us is the loser xD (if we take home loans and do investing)

home loan takers and investors ARE AFFECTED IF OLD REGIME IS REMOVED


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Okay I think its your fault Max Exemption limit under 80D is 25000 and if parents are senior citizen then 75000 combined limit/actual premium paid

80ccd has max exemption of 50000
max hra claimable is dependent on basic salary/hra recieved location of hra and specific percent
max homeloan interest exempted is 2.5L

almost all the figures i can see in the itr seems wrong seems u need to change your C.A

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Last 1.5 years, dealt  with 5-6 customers who got notices. Every single rupee + penalty + refund + interest on penalty + tax on refund + ITR fees + my CA fees has been paid. And collecting numerous documents

It's a torture and is not worth. Fake HRA, fake donations - the time has ended 2 years ago.

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What if we have rent agreement with parents and sending rent money into their account every month? I also deducted tds and submit to income tax from rent as i pay 50k rent. Is this enough or need more evidence?

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we can claim 100% TDS refund right :

I mean  once verified by FORM16A , value in the "TAX deducted" should be always same as the below one "TDS Credit claimed this year" right?


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what income is this ?? weird tax rate ..nearly 29% ? 
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