Does Gas Cylinder have Expiry Date ?

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I have got a full cylinder from HPGas delivered during March 2024 when i booked for refill. Now when we wanted to use it, we saw it is written as A-24 on the cylinder.
So im not sure what it means. But when I read online, some mentioned as expiry date and some mentioned that Jan-March 2024, the cylinder has to be tested.

Do you guys have any information about this ? attached the image here.


Please tell if we can use this Cylinder or need to complain to the distributer.


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Wingman Wingman
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No issues as long as it is intact. Avoid if there is a smell or leak.

Have used 4 year old cylinder after covid and no issues observed

Benevolent Benevolent
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bkl here are refilling cylinders with year mentioned as 2018, 2019 here but as per law it isnt allowed

Talk-Of-The-Town Talk-Of-The-Town
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Yes, every cylinder has its expiry date,
you can call it a testing date but after testing your expiry date will be renewed and will be mentioned on it for a particular period.

And some cylinders are recycled also after expiry date.


As in your case it's A 24

A 1 qtr Jan - March

B 2 qtr Apr - June

C 3 qtr July - Sep

D 4 qtr Oct - Dec

So A 24 Means 1qtr of 2024

So your cylinder is already expired as per rule.

Helpful Helpful
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Your cylinder expired.

Avoid such cylinders and if possible check your local dealer for possibility to exchange this.

Comrade Comrade
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Yes, complaint to agency asap don't use it.

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