don't buy Hyundai consumer electronics (ac,tv,...)

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Don’t buy Hyundai AC TV fridge and other items.
I bought Hyundai AC from 4 Flipkart years back, seeing good genuine ratings in Flipkart.
But now AC is not working properly, when raised repair request in their website, came to know they tied up with local electrician repair guys, that too only in district head quarters.
These guys never coming to interior towns or villages. And for taking AC to their center, we have to pay itseems. Most importantly service they did too not worth, it again repaired. Totally not skillful.

Go with Indian big branded ones. We also have LG AC, Whirlpool fridge. No than 10 years no problems still now. Even service they did smooth, right from mail/cal, to instant visit, to proper work, apt service charge.

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