Don't fall for flipkarts Mobile exchange offer

Deal Newbie

Hi, recently bought a phone on flipkart because they promised tradein for my old samsung phone. They offered an attractive rs. 1850. However when thy day came, flipkart didn’t take the phone saying the phone is not good. Please see the attached pics and decide if the phone was good or not. It has impeccable display too. My dad collected the phone by paying the difference amount when they rejected the phone. Now flipkart is not accepting the tradein phone nor cancel the purchase of the new phone. Now I can’t tradein the old samsung phone at any other place, because they need me to purchase a new phone to have eligibility to tradein old phone. I did multiple calls to flipkart, but they said they will take care of this in future. But I dont understand why they can’t fix the issue now for me. I immediately called flipkart on the same day the new phone is delivered.

Don’t believe in flipkart. They seem to be tricking to buy in customers