Don't panic over current COVID situation: Govt

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Don't panic over current COVID situation: Govt

Asking the people to not panic, health ministry official Luv Aggarwal said hospital admissions should only be done when needed.

“Physical distancing, use of mask and hand hygiene have to be a part of life,” he said.

On oxygen availability, he said the storage capacity is being increased and Air Force and Railways are helping ferry air tankers. “The govt has directed states to not give medical oxygen to industries,” he said, adding that the government is also getting tankers from outside India on hiring basis.

The health ministry has said that total 14.19 crores of coornavirus vaccine doses have been administered so far.

As cases continue to spike, the health ministry on Monday spelt out 3-principles strategy to contain the virus spread — Containment, Clinical Management and Community Engagement — across alll states and districts.

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Of course, asking don’t cost anything to health ministry either in terms of resources or efforts.