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Donate essential healthcare supplies - Myntra & giveindia Initiative

Donate essential healthcare supplies - Myntra & giveindia Initiative
Help healthcare heroes and critical patients as they fight COVID-19, again | Donate essential healthcare supplies


Provide essential healthcare supplies to health workers and critical COVID-19 patients
At the onset of the pandemic, last year Myntra joined hands with GiveIndia and responded in record time to provide cash support to daily wagers across India. With your generous support, we were able to help thousands of Indians through 3 implementing NGOs.

The second wave of COVID-19 is more devastating and has all of us worried. The number of registered cases are growing at breakneck pace. Various parts of the country, of which some are severely affected, are in critical need of Oxygen and other critical supplies.

In response, we have joined hands with our partner NGOs to protect our healthcare heroes and critical patients by providing Oxygen supply, N-95 masks, PPE kits, hand sanitisers, vaccinations and essential care, at COVID-19 centres, charitable hospitals and for healthcare workers in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Join the mission to help our fellow Indians today.


By joining the mission you will provide life-saving equipment to charitable hospitals, COVID-19 centres and healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19.
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In My Opinion, If You Really Want To Donate, Then Donate to Those local people or groups who are really helping people day and night in this Pandemic…