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We are temporarily closed until further notice,' reads the announcement on Essel World's website. Closure of the Mumbai-based amusement park has left Twitter nostalgic.
0px="-webkit-text-stroke-width:_0px" center="text-align:center">Essel World in Mumbai houses a Water Kingdom, a bird park, dozens of rides and more

Essel World mein rahunga main, ghar nahi jaunga main” is a jingle etched in the minds of most children who grew up in the 90s in India. Earlier this week, many millennials immediately thought of the jingle after it was emerged that Essel World has ceased operations until further notice.

According to an announcement on Essel World’s website, the Mumbai amusement park is temporarily closed. “We are temporarily closed until further notice,” read the announcement which got Twitter users in a nostalgic mood and also raised concerns that the park might shut down for good.

Located in Gorai on the outskirts of Mumbai, Essel World housed a 22-acre water park called Water Kingdom, a bird park, a skating rink, several rides, a discotheque and food courts. News of the park’s closure led Twitter users down memory lane.
Others reported that the theme park has been closed since the pandemic, but the Water Kingdom is still operational. However, reviews suggest that the Water Kingdom, while operational, is in a rundown state.
The bird park at Essel World is also open to visitors. It is not clear when the rest of the facilities will be operational again.

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Shit ... Essel World / Water Kinddom is/was  an emotion . 

Lots of memories associated . 

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