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Dear friend,
i need urgent suggestion from dimers,
i have booked my some material through a packer and movers, they initially give full package of transport of my material, but when it reached destination than they ask more money regarding gst and insurance which they did not tell to me and i tell the whole thing in earlier said amount.
they send the paid bill on my whats app which contain more money. what should do now, i get the material.
is any thing false thing if i didnot the pay excess amount.
also they shifted the materials not as per they tell (no packing and the maximum material contain malfunctioning, all ac is not packed and send as they removed from my house )
please provide valuable comments.

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If the paid bill is not proper(missing gstin,seal,signature) then it is tax evasion,they didn’t declare the gst & insurance but they are planning on getting it from you so this entire amount will go in their pockets as 100% tax free income.