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Vendor has done with installing Channels. Since, vendor did not mention any specification about panel lights, I got them the wipro 3 in 1 panel lights which is of depth 32 mm. Now, the vendor is saying this will not fit into the ceiling and need flat panel lights. The installed channels is coinciding with the light panel positions.

I asked him, why you did not install the Channels considering the panel light positions, as the design was already fixed. Is my question right?

His response is like Channels are like basement and it will be fixed as per standards and won't change. Is this right response or he is just trying to bluff with me as I don't have any idea about false ceiling?

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He is bluffing, you can keep whatever depth you want.

As he already installed the channels, they are probably not useful/reusable for him. And he will not bear that loss. It can be modified though.

But how he did the false ceiling with such a narrow margin?

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I had requested for a minimum false ceiling as the ceiling height is very low in the apartment.

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as you mentioned them ,then it is not there fault. you can go  in most shops return the lights and get replaced with other brands

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I requested for minimal false cealing. That does not mean i knew the light dimensions I need to buy. They did not give me any details even after asking them. So I bought the lights i liked.

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Now, instead of cheating who is left and who is right
salvaging the situation is better.

If vendor is not too arrogant or uncooperative, then tell them bhai/ bother even cassette type air-conditioner blower are installed in the false ceiling only.
Thus there are no 'standard' specifications, not in THIS project. We/I had amply given you or the architect had properly given you the details.
If you had not.. and vendor did as deemed best

then the two options are to plead/negotiate with them to PROPERLY re-install the channels at different position
or to compromise on the fixtures by getting whatever would fir in there.

There are standards but nothing is compulsory. In families where even ladies are 6 feet plus and gents are even more.. they would have backache if the kitchen counter and wash basins/ sinks are at standard height. It would be too low. I myself (who is barely six feet) cannot comfortably make chapatisfor long on the standard 36 inch height counter.

If ladies in the house, especially seniors, they can coax the vendor by doing bhaiya/beta. It should be the easier and cheaper way forward (than to compromise with the non 3-in-1 lights.)
But are you sure that these 3-in-1s would be available in same dimensions later? Say one light goes kaput in 3½-4 years, then the opening/ dimensions would need to match the replacement light.. will it be 3-in-1 too or normal ones?
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