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After linking bank account to fave app for upi transaction, my upi transactions have started failing, with the error message “insufficient balance” , tried with another bank, same thing. Not able to use those banks for upi transactions through other platforms like paytm. Anybody faced this? Any idea how to unblock ?
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No bro, never faced such issue, try reaching their support and also enlighten us whatever they revert.

Which bank u have tried?

Assuming u have sufficient balance in all the banks u have used.

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Snapz wrote:
Paisa bachao bhaiyo.. in nai nai apps ka koi bharosa nhi.
1 aur bank geya amrika me
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kukdookoo wrote:
1 aur bank geya amrika me

Cryptocurrency became a focus of the bank's activities in its final years after deciding to accept customers from the industry in 2018.[27] In 2021, more than 16 percent of its deposits came from the sector,[28] a figure that had risen to 30 percent by February 2023,[29] and it also held reserve monies from the Circle-managed USDC.[28] While cryptocurrency enthusiasts boosted the bank's stock from $75 to $375 a share in little over a year,[29] this strategy proved risky and gave the bank an image of being a "crypto bank", a label founder DePaolo tried to shed in an interview with the Financial Times in July 2022.
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