Featherlite discount code?

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Hi, I was going through the website of Featherlite chairs and came across this statement that said that they provide corporate discounts to employees of certain companies. Unfortunately, my company is not on that list.
Since I’m really looking to buy a new chair, it’ll be really helpful if someone who has this corporate discount can share the code.

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+1,if someone can share a discount code with me as well

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There is no discount code as such when I ordered it using corporate discount. They shared the discounted price sheet and local feather lite dealer’s contact number on our company portal. Talk to your local dealer. They won’t ask much details about your company. They didn’t even ask my employee id when I bought a chair. Got 20% discount on listed price.

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Similar expierence, i was offered a new price list with ~10% discount.
At the store i just mentioned mu employers name(no validation).

But again they said no free delivery if i opt for discount.

As it was a chair only i was able to take it home myself.

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binod_babu wrote:

guys,can u please PM me the discounted price list,I talked to store and they told me to come with the discounted price sheet.need to buy today..appreciate quick help @surya.psm260 @jainashish85

Which particular chair u looking for?

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mdzaheer wrote:

can try corporate code – AMD10

thanks,xmas10 is also giving 10% off in online portal

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xmas10 is expired now. Tried a few other codes randomly and found ADOBE10, AMZN10 to be working grinning
@surya.psm260 if you don’t mind, could you share the company name for which you got a 20% discount?

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Please share 20% discount code of featherlite chairs