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I regularly post reviews online on Amazon & rarely on Scamkart since I don't shop much with them.

Recently I tried reviewing some of my past purchases and found out that they don't approve any of the negative reviews, likely to have high ratings on products & increase sales.

I tried multiple variations with a single to multiple line, with or without photo, but anything negative or a low rating won't be approved.

Research well before trusting any of their reviews or product ratings since most will be high because lower ones aren't approved.
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Same with amazon that's why sometimes u'll see people complaining about product after giving 5 star

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Its not only about negative reviews, they don't even publish my positive reviews.

But why it feels like you just created a new profile to post this thread. No issues with me but it looks odd.

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Well... It's my 6 year old FK account

Or are you talking about DD? Yeah, I recently joined to trade occasionally
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Do you really expect them to be fair? lol

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