Flipkart axis bank credit card got suspended

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Hi dimers,

My Flipkart Axis Bank credit card got suspended today for violating their terms as I did so many transactions (115 txns) in last 3 months and they marked it as a commercial use of their cc.

Also, they declined the cashback (around 10k) which was about to credited in few days later or weeks.

Any suggestions/advice that what to do in this situation as cashback of around Rs.10k has also been stopped from being credited.

Thank you!

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What did you purchase in those 115 txn? send them an invoice if genuine, if you have used to sell back the purchased goods, you will have just to forget cashback..

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Talk-Of-The-Town Talk-Of-The-Town
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They won't activate it, forget the cashback too.

I faced like it with AP ICICI CC. They blocked it. And 14k cashback also gone.

Blaze Blaze
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Whenever it gets marked as commercial they won't revoke suspension nor they give cashback.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Cashback worth 10k is not a small thing, its clearly asking for card suspension which they did after system flagged it.

Personal usage doesn't gives us 10k cashback 

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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I don't think that the cashback amount by itself is the issue. That combined with 115 transactions is more likely the issue. I remember I was looking at Sony 75" TV once that cost nearly Rs 2.75L. I don't have a Flipkart Axis CC but at 5% (and assuming no capping) my cashback would have been Rs 12.5k. Perfectly fair for personal use in that case.
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And I got a limit increase from 15k to 60k today in flipkart axis cc, same day different luck  smile smile smile

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Congrats on breaking free of 15K club and yes there are not much options left for OP to recover cashback as seen from past experience of other dimers

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Once it is suspended, there is no turning back disappointed disappointed, in greed, one should be cautious,

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add to bad debt and forget

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