Flipkart - Did they start dynamic pricing based on buyer?

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I was browsing through an incognito window for some products and thought of buying them. Then I logged into my Flipkart account from a different browser to order it. To my disappointment, it was showing a higher price and I thought the price was changed in between. But surprised to realize that the product is available at the same price in the incognito window even after refreshing the page.

Then for a comparison, I have searched for Louis Philippe shirts and sorted them by price on both windows. I was seeing at least 50 Rs difference between them. I have also ensured that it is the same product, same seller and same delivery pin code, but price is higher just because it is me 😢.

I am a frequent buyer, a plus customer 😞 and has some gift card balance in my account. Never realised this is how Flipkart treats loyal customers. I have called customer care to report the issue, but they disconnected the call abruptly without an explanation.

Screenshot from incognito window:


Screenshot from my account:


Product Details page sample – same seller and same delivery pin code



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Cool Cool
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May be check for the one with less price, if any new offer is being added due to which the price is less compared to your account. I had seen such scenario earlier.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Lol, it has been there from a very long time. It is not fraud. It can be due to multiple reasons.
1. Seller
2. Offer
3. Marketing to New User

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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So you came to know about this now , its there from long long long time . Online sites Fool us in Broad Daylight , just wait and watch the day comes people forget offline buying and prices , the real loot statts than .
Brands / companies are printing MRP on products as per them.
Also these sites follow algorithms , also

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I don’t think it was there at individual user level earlier. I always search for products from one browser without logging in and then once I made the selection, I order it from a different browser which I use only when I make payments and never faced it before. BTW, I didn’t really login from incognito window, so there were no user specific promotion/offer.

Can anyone post what is the amount for the same product from an account which is not used frequently?

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New user 50 rupees discount is added bro. Check the offers applied again

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May be you would be having a promotional coupon in your logged in account.

or maybe new user price.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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@Staying_Alive Thanks for the explanation. I think that is the difference.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Staying_Alive wrote:

New user 50 rupees discount is added bro. Check the offers applied again

you are 100% right. That is for first ever buyer on flipkart. Today morning i encountered this for some slime making product. Accidentally i bumped up with this thread

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