Flipkart — nikon d5300 dslr camera body with si...

Flipkart — nikon d5300 dslr camera body with single

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Order ID: OD115926511777650000

My name is Deepak, and my order ID is OD115926511777650000. The order was placed on 6/7/2019

I have called to resolve this issue since 12/07/2019 and till now my issue is not resolved. 14/07/2019 raised a return request and till now this was not approved, on 16/07/2019 I got a call from investigating team from #9945689895 and I provided all the pictures of the product and he said me to call the customer care to get an update on my complaint.

My TAT time was till 17/07/2019 and I got an email stating that the issue will be resolved within 18/07/2019 and each one from Flipkart gives one time and always asks me to wait.

I spoke to each of your CRO mentioned below:
1. Imran
2. Roshan (Manager)
3 Daran Sing (Manager)
4. Syed
5. Vijay
6. Azim
7. Rohan
8. Praveen Kumar (Senior Supervisor)

Each one wants to ask me to wait for few more days and only got a follow up on this case from Daran Singh and all others are crap and does not know what is the protocol needs to be followed.

I called the person who took the product pictures, he said all the documents are already submitted and he himself started to scold the customer care team.

I told the team that if the issue is not resolved on the call 22/07/2019, I very clearly said that I will write an email to Kalyan Krishna Murthy and will register a complaint officially they are least bothered and said it is your wish and Daran said that Kalyan is no more with Flipkart. It means that again your team is saying lies to me.

I have placed orders in different occasion and this is the first time facing this kind for issues, I am a premium plus customer and I have placed N number of orders and this is the first time facing this kind of issue.

Looking at-least you can resolve this issue and I will be looking for compensation for all the hassle being faced.

Thank you!

Refund ID:12201599390910426747

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