Flipkart's 10% off on ICICI Debit Card offer is not applicable!

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When I tried paying I couldn't see the offer any more. When I tried paying by entering the wrong CVV to go to the next page, it again did not show me any kind of offer and I received an OTP for full payment. 

Is anyone else facing this problem? On the phone with customer care but they are clueless as usual.

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Product Link ??

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Try with another card maybe? And share the link, we can check as well if its the issue in your account or generic issue

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Raise to customer care mentioning card bin
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I called CC, they were useless. Apparently if you check product info they tell you what deals are applicable and throughout the website there isn't a single product where the ICICI debit card offer exists. What a scam.

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mostly all offers on credit cards

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What product you are trying to purchase... Please share it.

Let us also check if we too face the same issue

BTW I tried checking offer with mobile it is working fine.

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