FNP is a Unprofessional & inefficient organisation ,No customer focus

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Unreliable org with unprofessional approach,Pl do not throw ur money

I had placed an order to be delivered on the birthday of my friend, which was not delivered on the day ,nor I was informed about non delivery, second day ,I requested them to refund but they said that they would send an apology letter, along with a chocolate pack to the recipient team .I agreed but requested them to send the healthy gift plant and asap,they agreed to the same.

To my utter surprise they sent it very late even on 2nd day that too with a unhealthy plant with any apology note and chocolate pack.I complained them thru tweeter and phone and requested them to refund my money.Which they did not and on third day they informed me that the plant ,alongwith chocolate pack has been delivered.It was unprofessional as failure of rendering the service on stipulated services,enas order was not fulfilled and they need to refund the money which I had requested but they denied that too.

it was my last order thru them and I future ,I would never use their services.I suggest other customers also to save their hard earned money to be robbed by this organisation.

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