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Hi all,
Need suggestions to buy folding bicycle, so far not many model’s as like the normal one cannot able to find.
I can able to find only btwin tilt 120. So please give suggestions regarding this.

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Well, that is because that is the only folding bike which is reasonably priced.

BTW, what would be your use case scenario? Are you planning to take it in the car or train while traveling?

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I already having Hercules roadeo torrent mountain bike. Drawback is the back plastic mud guard got broken several times. Parking in my office is make fear. This is the only cycle in between many motorcycle, so mud guard got broken several times. And also cannot able to purchase seperately back guard alone. They are selling both front and rear mud guard.

But this is compact to carry and wherever I go and also am in first floor. So I can carry it safe and secure my cycle.

Travelling with this is rare case scenario. Maybe in future I can carry it in train or bus or car.