Foreign spending - Zero markup debit cards vs 2% markup credit cards, trying to understand the math

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I need someone more knowledgeable than me to help me understand this. I am asking as I have an upcoming foreign holiday. I have got Niyo Global card but we know that is a debit card so I will need to fund my bank account with that much amount. I understand these are 0% markup cards.

Now I also  have credit cards like idfc first select and hdfc regalia which I guess have  1.99% foreign markup. Obviously common sense says niyo is better.

But I am trying to understand if I use one of these credit cards and then factoring the extra I will pay in markup and reward points I will potentially earn on the spends, will I be able to break even? Because paying with credit card gives me an opportunity to pay little later than what I would in a debit card.

Would appreciate if someone can enlighten me.

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