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Forgotten Classic Indian Vehicles


Shaktiman Truck

    It was a rebranded MAN 415, which was primarily used Indian armed forces.

    Check the video. It is a very capable offroader. 

    Thank you Shaktiman.

    Tata Mercedez Benz Trucks


    The joint venture started from 1954 till 1969. A beautiful article is here Tata Mercedes Benz

    Bajaj Tempo Matador

    Image Source:

    It’s regarded as India’s first light diesel commercial vehicle. 

    TVS Champ

    Source: Mopeds – India’s favourite ride of yesteryear 

    My father had it. It was in our family for more than two decades. 🙂 

    Bedford Trucks


    Mahindra FJ 470

    It was a copy of Jeep Forward Control. 

    Royal Enfield Explorer

    Source: the-50cc-royal-enfield-explorer-is-a-rare-gem

    Lambretta Scooter

    Source:  GoMechanic The History of Lambretta in India | Your dad probably owned one

    It was assembled in India by Automobile Products of India (API). Later In 1972, Scooters India Ltd. (SIL) a state-run enterprise based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, bought the entire Lambretta manufacturing and trademark rights. Source: Lambretta 

    SIL made Vijai scooter in India.

    As of 2010, The Lambretta Consortium has filed a suite against SIL (Scooters India Limited) for nonusage of the Lambretta Brand, seeking to reclaim the Lambretta brand name. Source: Lambretta

    Bajaj Priya


    More information : Bajaj Priya

    Premier Padmini (Fiat 1100 Delight)

    Source:Premier Padmini

    Standard 2000

    Source:  FEATURED ARTICLESGOMECHANIC FUN READS Standard 2000 | A Story of Poor Build Quality & False Claims

    It was based on Rover SD1 and was launched to compete with HM Contessa.

    Standard Herald (Triumph Herald)

    Source: Standard Herald: India’s most advanced family car of its time

    Peugeot 309

    Source: Peugeot 309

    Tempo Hanseat

    Source: Tempo Hanseat

    HM Trekker


    It was based on 1956 Morris Oxford platform. It was a popular public carrier in my place. My parents met with accident while travelling in it. Nobody was seriously injured but accident was severe.

    Another nice article HINDUSTAN Pushpak/Trekker 1999 – Present

    Nissan Jonga

    Source: Jonga , Decommissioned Jonga with mounted M40 recoilless rifle on display.

    It has a beautiful history with Indian Army (1969–1999). 

    BSA Goldstar

    Source: BSA Gold Star

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    Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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    bikidas2060 wrote:

    Ji kaafi chiz miss kiya hun. Premier 118, Contessa, Ambassador, Uske baad wo Chevrolet classic cars ati thi jo Rajesh Khanna wali saab chod diye. 😒😭🙏🙏

    mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu wala gaana yaad dila diya… wink toungueout

    Analyst Analyst
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    bikidas2060 wrote:

    @MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @kukdookoo @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname @playdime @nimod @Priyanka @Total_Fun; @G-Gowda; @amdoinggood123 @Dastro @andromeda @xuseronline @anthrax.ut @Floriya @Rosh_0007 @cancob

    BEML Tatra 8X8

    Which vehicles did you like the most?

    I did not have luxury or even get to see any vehicle other than an ambassador on road at times. I’m from a remote place. 

    I remember travelling twice in ambassador at the age of 9 years. Most of the time it is matador for public tranport. 

    So no favouritism, everything is luxury toungueout

    Oh btw we did own a TVS 50 until I’m 12 years, and later TVS XL super until 17 years, and after that Honda activa

    Hunk Hunk
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    vijkap201 wrote:

    mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu wala gaana yaad dila diya… wink toungueout

    Ji 🙂 wo bhi ek din tha

    Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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    Past, Present and Future. hamare desh ne koi bhi nahi bnaya acha sad dukh ki baat ha

    Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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    @bikidas2060 bhai Rajdoot bike miss kar gaye. 

    Legendary RX100 also deserves an honourary-mention. 

    Hunk Hunk
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    nimod wrote:

    @bikidas2060 bhai Rajdoot bike miss kar gaye. 

    Legendary RX100 also deserves an honourary-mention. 

    yes bhai. Agreed. Me kaafi chizen miss Kiya hun. RD350, RX100/135, Chetak, CD 100 SS, Bullet Diesel etc. Me ek standalone article launga unke upar. My aim was to write something about least known vehicles. 🙂

    Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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    hero majestic, luna, hero puch.

    edit: suvega delux. Most luxurious vehicles i have seen for then roads

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