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Fraud company don't buy anything from craftsvilla

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Now it’s clear to me – craftsvilla is a fake company and they have blind and deaf people in their company i have provided you my bank passbook screenshot with bank details written in email many times to refund my amount but even after 1 month i am still getting email that your bank details does not match and we are not able to refund amount… are you guys can’t see screenshot or please tell me frankly if you are not interested to return my amount as i have purchased product on 23 february means 1 month before and returned the same product due to cheap quality but i am still struggling to get my money back… is this how you treat your customers and think they would ever love to purchase from you guys… it was a mistake to buy something from and i would never repeat this mistake ever kindly give me my money back… and please don’t just copy paste lines like we will get back to you because we don’t receive any reply from you on matter, take some actions… and please don’t have behave like robot who is just programmed to repeat same things again and again…

Order Id : 104152781

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