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Fraud :- OLA Took loan from Aditya Birla Finance on behalf of me

Hi, on 7th November I have received a message from Aditya Birla Finance as below. Dear Kumar LXW-M01234-123456789, Now you can access your ABFL Loan account details on whatsapp! To Experience this new way of service on the go, please send start or give a missed call on 7840877999. Please note name and account number are changed. Few hours later another message followed Dear Kumar, Kindly ignore the previous message resulting from technical error. Apologies for the inconvenience. Regards, ABFL After receiving two messages I was bit shocked to see my name completely on message as I never had any relation with Aditya Birla and I thought to check with them later and forgot about this. Today while I'm accessing my CIBIL score I have observed an entry in account information from Aditya Birla F L stating they have sanctioned loan of 50,000 on 30/09/2019 and current balance as 1425/-. I was bit shocked after seeing this and I quickly contacted Aditya Birla Finance Limited and shared my mobile number and email id. Agent on call had limited details and he confirmed me that I have taken 50k loan from OLA Application. I have asked him about loan tenure etc details. he confirmed loan tenure is 12 months and he can't see EMI details being paid. Agent also confirmed that outstanding amount is shown as 0. After listening all these I was bit shocked how OLA took money on my behalf, later realized this could be due to OLA Money postpaid upgrade which I did during September 1st week. Though I'm not clear about this, I have sent an email to OLAMONEY support and waiting for their response. Anyone else facing this issue? Even if it's due to OLA Money postpaid, entry in CIBIL should not be done as personal loan. This is very bad and will impact our credit history.
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same happened with me ,any solution for this

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my self amish i got call from sachin sharma from aditya birla finance he told me to buy met life insurance plan of total 3,60,000 rupees (30k per year. plan of 12 years ) we will give loan of 4 lacs on that insurance. i bought plan of met life insurance and pay 1st installment than he asked for soft copy document of insurance i provided.than he told me that your verifiaction arrange on 28th sep than 2nd sep.he told me that your fund will release on 16th sep. than day of fund release 16 th sep  i got call from aditya birla finance that you have to buy another insurance policy to get loan.sachin sharma promised me that your fund will release on 23rd. now on 23rd fund not released .he not replying any massages or not picking any phone calls . so pls stay away from aditya birla finance and met life insurance.they r fool us for policy and loan temptation.

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Some body pl explain the effect on cibil of these postpaid loans

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Hi Guys,
I see three loans in my cibil score , two from CLIXFIN which are due to the paytm postpiad account activation and other one is from aditya birla FL due to the OLA money postpaid account upgradation.
Can someone please tell me a way on how to remove these credit lines or loans from my cibil credit report? I know how to deactivate OLA money postpaid but not sure how to deactivate paytm postpaid since earlier two activated accounts are already closed but the credit line or loan from my cibil socre is not yet deleted/removed.
Can someone help here?

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There are a lot of people who have activated a BNPL and credit line services for 100/200 cashback not realizing what they are giving up for these… Read the effin terms and conditions, it is clearly stated there for a credit check and a hard inquiry.. The next time you get 150/- cahsback for a BNPL or some weirdo card or pay later, think twice.. But there is NOTHING you can do, that credit line is set in stone.. If you were dumb enough to raise 3-4 such cards or BNPL accounts, your credit score would be shot, more so when you go about closing it…

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my ola postpaid limit is rs 12500 but why it is showing up as:

aditya birla finance ltd

disbursed amount – rs 50000

date opened 26 oct 2020

original tenure – 5 years

remaining tenure 3y 5 month

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Yes bro same now happened with me. My cibil score is also affected and my account showing 327 is overdue.

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