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Hello fellow Dimers those who are traders,

Do you know any good portal for charting like trading view which is free. I would like to upload NIfty smallcap 500 and nifty midcap 500 by uploading excel for my study. Free version of trading view has limited to 1 watchlist and very few counters there.

1. Multiple watchlist

2. facility to upload scripts by excel ( optional)

3. Reliable for positional charts (swing)

4. Way to get Tradingview free or cheaply

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Don't know if they patched it or not but previously from tradingview mobile app you can create unlimited watch list and it'll be synced to web version also

U can paste comma separated list of stocks in search and it'll added to watch list for free watch some youtube video to understand this, I think they added some limit for this trick now but u can still do it, it'll be slow

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yes it is patched
Firestorm Firestorm
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Try using the web version of Dhan/Zerodha/etc they have tradingView charts and also have some premium features for free like split screen (multiple stocks/index at one screen) ,etc

See if that works for you!

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