Funq app planning to launch wallet, RuPay card for kids & parents

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Funq app planning to launch wallet, RuPay card for kids & parents -

What is Funq?

Funq (pronounced as Funk) is a child’s first bank app + card that can help then learn and acquire life skills specific to money and money management, really early. The 3 key aspects that they would start off are: Spending, Earning and Saving.

Why Funq?

100s of millions of kids depend on their parents for their financial needs from 1st grade all the way till they finish college. Unfortunately, school/college curriculum does not touch upon this basic but very important skill that we need to empower kids with by the time they are out of college.
Funq is here to ensure we raise financially-smart kids. By providing the right set of tools, early in life and not having to wait for their first job and ‘figuring things out’ the hard way.

How Funq works?

For students under 18 years of age:

Parents open a Funq Account and by filling in their kid’s details, can request for a Funq card for their kid. They can then credit allowance, gifts, all through this app.
Kids use the app and get credit notifications, also details of all their spends. They can create goals and save for them. They can also earn additionally by being paid for chores they do at home.
All the spends information is also shared with parents in real-time: when, where, how much.

For students over 18 years of age:
Students can request for new account + card and it will be shipped to them.
Here the parents need not necessarily keep track of spends but can top-up their kids account easily, and provide ways to give allowance and pay for key spends.
Students can use the app to keep track of spends, create goals and save money monthly towards achieving that goal.
Looking forward to helping you Funqsters manage money better. Together.

Team Funq

Official link - http://funq...b/

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