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Geo- Political News Lover , "Intrigue" a good short 5 mins byte sized news platform plus running a referral program

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Just been reading some geopolitical news and 5 mins byte sized things , u can also join them. I will give out the link and I really found it quite precise and less. U get a good gist in a few mins like 5 or 10.
Now they r running a referral program, mostly they r giving free items like mugs n all ,plus Iphone/ipad as well.
I could give u referral link if u want . Yup if anyone is interested to help me out u can join through that or otherwise start ur own , no worries and good luck to everyone.

Anyways if u sign up u'll be more informed even if u don't win anything. Happy learning , learn new things happening around the world.

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Ping for referral.

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If news is pure news without personal intentions than good .

Else   BBC   Hidenburg  and 100s  of like them  are already dumping there profit suiting news .

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