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Ghees are too costly these days, any deal??

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Checked on amazon, ck, blinkit, instamart, dunzo, bb and jio mart.
Ghee have become a costly item in grocery, anyone know any discount/deal goin on?

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Make ghee at home using market butter. Or collect cream (malai) from milk everyday when you heat it . Once collected in bulk; whisk it to make butter and then further heat this butter to make ghee. Trust me, you will find home made ghee tastier than market ones

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kartikxxx wrote:
Well u are absolutely correct bro.
But factories produce in large quantities and u know they make the quality subpar so they bring down the cost.

Get small quantities of both and heat a small quantity on pan one after another. The aroma that you get from pure ghee is nowhere found in packed ghee. Same goes for taste. I always prepare ghee at home. It's very easy and the burnt portion stuck in the utensil, it tastes amazing with bit of jaggery mixed.

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kukdookoo wrote:
Not only ghee, everything related to milk @Ash-D @Snapz
Try to procure from relatives in Village. 
Agar ghee khana hi hai to achha khao.
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Ghee to wahi aaspas hai rate..local me. Sudha amul.. ye aata kyo mehnga ho gaya.. kahi pak ko supoly to nahi kar rahe kuchh log.. jyada rate mil raha hoga shayad..

But allo pyaj sasta hai stock kar lo.. baad me mat bolna sab mehnga hai..


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Atta 300 ke aaspas hota tha fortunr ka.. abhi 450 ke aaspas hai.. 10kg upar se bb wala coupan apply nahi hota unpar

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