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Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd


Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd, part of Ostwal Group, is engaged in the business of manufacturing fertiliser and chemical products

The Co manufactures different kinds of fertilisers such as SSP, BRP, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Phosphate Rich Organic Manure among others. It is also engaged in production of Sulphur Bentonite and some value-added chemicals like oleum etc. The Co markets its products under the brand name “Annadata”.

Revenue Split
Fertiliser: 93% in FY21 vs 84%% in FY18
Chemical: 7% in FY21 vs 16% in FY18

Manufacturing Capacity
The installed capacity as of March 2021 stood at: SSP: 240000 Tonnes per year (TPY)
BRP crushing capacity: 198000 TPY
Sulphur Bentonite: 10000 TPY
Sulphuric Acid: 36000 TPY
Oleum: 9900 TPY

New Products Launched
The company commenced production and sale of a new product named DAP/NPK complex fertilisers at its new manufacturing unit with combined production capacity of 120,000 MT in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh.

Raw Material Supply
The Co has signed an MOU with Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation Limited for supply of 93000 MTPA mined low grade rock phosphate ore from its Tigora and Mardeora mines, located near its plant, for a period of 20 years from April 2009. Owing to assured supply of raw material, the Co gets the benefit in terms of availability of raw material for its BRP plant at lower transportation cost.

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